Puching and Bending

Technical characteristics

We have one puncher and a top of the line 5-axis press brake that combined, allow us high efficiency and flexibility to manufacture low & high volume brackets & stampings. We manufacture pieces with a maximum thickness of 0.25″/ 6.5 mm and a punching tonnage of 20 Tons. We have the capacity to generate bending with a force of 1100 KN. para generar dobleces con una fuerza de 1100 KN.



  • High carbon steel (1050-1090)
  • Low carbon steel (1008-1018)
  • Stainless Steel (T-430, T-301,T-302, T-304)

Materials can be of round or rectangular shapes, according to the customer’s needs.


Zinc, Nickel, Phosphate, Tin, Silver, Delta-Tone, E-coat, Magni, Passivated, Molikote, Paint, Rust-prevent oil.

All the coatings we offer are compliant with the environmental standards of the automotive industry and can stand up to 720 test hours in saline chamber.