IFS PACsecure certification

IFS PACsecure certification

We are very happy to share with you that we have achieved the certification of the "International Featured Standards (IFS) PACsecure" which is a standard of safety and quality of packaging material applicable to manufacturers of all types of primary and secondary packaging materials.

The certification can include materials such as flexible packaging, rigid plastic, paper, glass, but in our case it was for using metal.

The PACsecure certification includes several requirements such as:

  • Responsibility of senior management
  • Food safety and quality management systems
  • Resource management
  • Planning and production processes
  • Measurements, analysis and improvements
  • Packing material

In RYPSA we obtained the certification for having fulfilled all the requirements of the safety and quality standards for the manufacture of the stamped metal cutter for dental floss covers. What we did was the metal blade that serves to detach the floss that is part of the dental floss packaging.