Clips & Fasteners

  • High carbon steel (1050-1090)
  • Stainless Steel (T-302, T-304, 17-7PH)

Materials can be of round or rectangular shapes, according to the customer’s needs.

We have different manufacturing process for these products, such as Four Slide, Bihler type & Progressive Stamping.

  • Strip thickness
    • up to 0.078″ / 2mm
  • Strip width
    • up to 1.96 ” / 50mm

Zinc, Nickel, Phosphate, Tin, Silver, Delta-Tone, E-coat, Magni, Passivated, Paint, Rust-prevent oil.

All the coatings we offer are compliant with the environmental standards of the automotive industry and can stand up to 720 test hours in saline chamber.
  • Special packaging
  • Cleaning tests and measurement of dust particles.
  • Heat treatments a/o stress relieving.
  • 100% automated sorting and inspection
  • Hardness tests
  • Automated burr removal
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Plant and Headquarters in Mexico

Guizar y Valencia #14.
Colonia San Andres Atoto.
Naucalpan Estado de México, CP 53500

Technical and Commercial Partner in Germany
Springtec Group

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Cesar Ramírez Abarca

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+52 55 5358 7366

Rypsa & Springtec

Have established a technical and commercial agreement for the manufacture of global programs