Waves Spring

Black or pregalvanized under the following specifications:

  • Low carbon (1010/1008),
  • High carbon steel (1050-1090), HD (ASTM A227)
  • Music wire (ASTM A228), OT(ASTM A229)
  • Chrome Silicon (ASTM A401 y ASTM A877)
  • Stainless Steel (T-302, T-304, 17-7PH)
  • Hardness up to 57 HRC
Materials can be of round or rectangular shapes, according to the customer’s needs.

We are the only Mexican supplier that manufactures snap rings under the OKUNO Japanese technology

  • Wire diameters:
    • until: 0.140″ / 3.56 mm.
  • Maximum external diameter
    • 2 tons Cross-sectional area
      • 0.0155 in2 /10 mm2.
  • Capacity in transversal section:
    • 2.165 ” / 55 mm.

Zinc, Nickel, Phosphate, Tin, Silver, Delta-Tone, E-coat, Magni, Passivated, Paint, Rust-prevent oil.

All the coatings we offer are compliant with the environmental standards of the automotive industry and can stand up to 720 test hours in saline chamber.

  • Stamping and special cuts
  • Special packaging
  • Cleaning tests and measurement of dust particles.
  • Heat treatments a/o stress relieving.
  • Hardness tests
  • 100% automated sorting and inspection
  • Burr removal
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