Wehave EDM machines by wire and by penetration. These machines allow us to manufacture the sectioning of pieces such as: gages, matrixes, punchers, puncher carriers, camsshafts, benders inserts, & guides under high technical specifications. 

EDMEDM by wire

  • Prototypes with training course capacity: X 50cm, Y 35 cm, Z 25 cm and an angle of 15º
  • Pieces with a maximum weight of 850Kg and an area of 965 x660 mm
  • Movements of up to 2,400 mm/min
  • Generation of prototypes with high precision and high qually in superficial finish.



EDMEDM by penetration

  • Prototypes whith a volume of up to  35” x 20” x 12”
  • Generation of pieces whith a weight of up to 997 Kg
  • Work in 3 axis ( X 16”, Y 12”, Z 8.6” )